Goodbye to the Sheltons

16 June 2017

To the An Tobar Nua Family:

After nearly seven years of faithful service to Foundation In Christ Ministries, we are saying goodbye to John and Grace Shelton and their children. We are all sorry to see them leave us and wish them only the best as they obey the leading from the Lord to return to the USA.

The format of the Emmaus Scripture School will initially change to introduce the new series “Emmaus Scripture School Presents”. This Series will feature special presentations of Scripture investigations by notable scholars. Our first series will be hosted by Dr. Arden Autry, who will join us here in Ireland for a live study during the week of 16-20 October. This series will feature special guest presenters three to four times a year and the topics will be advertised in advance to allow all the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Scripture.

All of us, especially Susan and I, thanks the Shelton family for their wonderful service to the Lord through Foundation In Christ Ministries. We will all be praying for this transition and look forward to learning the next chapter in their lives.

With thanks,

Kelly E. Curry
Foundation In Christ Ministries