Meet Our New Intern: Alyana

School: Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK) Theology Major Concentration: Missions           (Graduating 2016)

Hometown: LA Baby!!!!!

Career Goal: “I would like to share the love and compassion of Christ and get involved in medical missions and different non-profit organizations, especially with those that reach out to trafficked victims and prevent human trafficking.”

Internship Dates: January – May 2015

What is the best part about working with An Tobar Nua? 

“Free cookies & hot chocolate! (Just kidding, that’s just a plus). The best part working with An Tobar Nua is getting to build relationships with the students and the staff. I love how welcoming the staff were when I first arrived. I didn’t feel like an outsider and I definitely felt at home the whole time being here. I will never forget the amazing people I got to work with, or the relationships I got to be a part of at An Tobar Nua. I will really miss this place when my internship ends!”

What is your favorite part about living in Galway? 

“Coming from a big city I never really experienced an “small town” atmosphere and that’s what Galway has. I love how even though Galway is pretty big, you can still walk around town and see someone you know and have a nice chat with them.”

What is the most important thing God has shown you during your time with An Tobar Nua? 

“During my time with An Tobar Nua, God has really stretched me in many areas. God has shown me to not hold myself back or doubt myself, but just putting my full trust in Him in every area of my life. Whether it’s from getting out of my comfort zone and reaching out to a person in the cafe or trusting in Him with the next seasons of my life.”

What’s next? 

“That’s a great question. There are many goals and dreams I would like to pursue, but I know it’ll all come down to trusting God and being open to what He wants me to do next. I know after An Tobar Nua I will going back home to finish my degree and graduate from ORU next year. After that I would like to pursue Nursing and get involved in medical missions.”