Meet Our New Intern: Amy

School: Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK), Major:  Ministry and Leadership, Concentration: Missions

Hometown: Haxtun, CO

Career Goal: “Full time Missionary in Japan and Asia”

Internship Dates: January – May 2015

What is the best part about working with An Tobar Nua?
The best part about working at An Tobar Nua is the people I get to be around. Everyone is so loving and encouraging and it’s really amazing to see how to make God apart of everyday life and work!

What is your favorite part about living in Galway?
“My favorite part about living in Galway is the friendliness of the people and culture. I have never once felt unsafe. I get to walk everywhere I go and the scenery is just gorgeous! ”

What is the most important thing God has shown you during your time with An Tobar Nua?
“The most important thing God has shown me during my time with An Tobar Nua is how to enjoy every situation and person that comes my way. I only have a short time here and really asking God what He wants me to use that time for is the most important thing. ”

What’s next?
“After I get home from Ireland, I plan to work during the summer at home and this coming year I’ll finish my last year of my degree in Theology! Then I’ll see where God wants me to go and what He wants me to do next!”